Issues always arise during construction projects, irrespective of careful planning.

Our claims consultants and dispute resolution professionals are uniquely positioned to review complex situations and tell you what you need to know, whether it’s good news or bad.

We enable all parties involved in the dispute process to engage in well-informed decision making, resulting in faster problem resolution and timely settlement.

Anticipating the unexpected is where we excel

We have the longstanding experience and live project knowledge to accurately pinpoint issues from the outset. Early-stage problem resolution avoids prolongation costs and damages, ultimately leading to optimal settlement outcomes.

We deliver successful and cost-effective solutions to complex construction matters at any stage of the project life cycle. Although, the outcomes most acclaimed by our clients are achieved when we’re brought in as part of the tender review process or tender development.

That way, there’s no shock from unexpected exorbitant costs. We give you honest, forthright opinions based on facts and openly encourage challenge in the decision-making process.

Credible, reliable delay analysis gives confidence to outsiders

Our experience in construction claims and dispute resolution helps you plan for and mitigate risk. We are experts in the preparation, management and defence of construction claims. This includes disruption, acceleration, and extension of time claims.

Through our team’s early involvement and focused planning, our aim is to settle potential disputes through negotiation. Specialist delay analysis and measurement capabilities keep projects on track and provide robust evidence in the event of a dispute.

End-to-end solutions across all major industries beyond geographic constraints

Our senior management team has extensive expertise managing claims-related matters. We work with all construction stakeholders—from EPC and specialty contractors to project management companies and owners. We provide a wide array of service on schedule delays, disruptions and construction damages.

Our construction claims and dispute resolution services include:

Claims Avoidance Services

  • Forensic planning
  • Claim avoidance strategy advice
  • Risk workshops and management
  • Contractual audits and ‘health checks’
  • Change management and analysis services
  • Troubled project program assessments and re-baselining

Claims Preparation and Defence Services

  • Claims strategy technical advice
  • Delay and disruption claim analysis
  • Claims damages quantification services
  • Acceleration and mitigation claim analysis
  • Disruption and loss of productivity analysis
  • Claims preparation, defence and rebuttal services
  • Claims entitlement to cost and time recovery advice
  • Claims team management and secondments

Claims Settlement Services

  • Final account preparation services
  • Presentation and demonstration services
  • Negotiation strategy and support services
  • Commercial and time analysis support services

Expert Witness and Testimony Services

  • Production of Expert Witness Reports
  • Production of Expert Witness Response Reports
  • Production of Joint Witness Reports
  • Expert ‘Hot Tubbing’
  • Expert Witness Testimony