Chris Hodges

21 Feb 2023

How do you become a delay or quantum expert? Is it a direct route? For Perth Regional Partner Chris Hodges, it “never was a career goal from from the outset” and it was through different experiences that he arrived at the position.
Read the conversation below:

Q: So how did you become a delay expert?

A: It never was a career goal from from the outset. I started as an engineering topographical surveyor, and the focus of that work is in the construction industry anyway. Is very much at the front end of all of a construction project, so you’re at the coalface and that really brings you into the planning and the organisation of the project.

Being aware of where the work is required next is highly important. Moving to the UK, I was given the opportunity to take the knowledge and the experience that I gained in that area into the planning and project controls world. I spent probably 8, 13, 14 years really focused on planning and project control, both in the tender and in the contract phase. And all the while working on extensions of time, carrying out delay analysis. And really it came to me that, what next really, you know, after managed project controls, I thought where’s the next step or what’s of interest? I’ve always been interested in I suppose, dispute the psychology of it, but also contractual matters and the law around that.

Yeah, that’s where I’m at now.

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