Successful completion for every project is our driving ambition. Positive focus on delivery is how we do it.

Project control and construction planning is our core competency. We say this proudly not only because our senior management team exhibits over 85 years of collective project controls experience, but also because we believe that project controls is the primary factor influencing the success, or failure, of any project.

Understanding the construction project scheduling and control challenges you face quickly is where we outperform others. CDIE’s extensive experience in all industry sectors enables us to offer robust solutions to conquering these challenges.

An effective project controls model upholds specific core criteria.

We believe that project controls provide timely, pertinent, and realistic management information when implemented correctly and practically.

This enables us to:

  • Facilitate team communications
  • Support management decision making process
  • Create awareness of potential problem areas and suggest solutions
  • Promote team understanding towards commitment to cost, schedules, objectives and program baselines

CDIE project controls and planning services cover:

  • Risk monitoring
  • Delay analysis
  • Loss of productivity analysis
  • Planning & project controls audit
  • Independent expert reports
  • Preparation of the baseline project programme
  • Independent project monitoring and progress reporting
  • Preparation and defence of claims for extension of time
  • Planning & project controls management and administration
  • Programme quality checks using bespoke software
  • Planning & project controls procedures, guidelines and systems development
  • Preparation of recovery programmes incorporating mitigation impact and acceleration measures
  • Preparation of programmes to enable the monitoring of projects from tender stage to project completion