• Would your job be easier if you had systematic project controls?

  • ​ Do you often wonder if the scheduled end date is really possible?

  • Do you want to be able to do a schedule/delay analysis on your own?

  • Would more analytical information from your schedulers help your business?

  • ​ Does your project’s scheduling process feel broken?

  • Do discussions about schedules and delays cause you stress?

Delays and cost overruns are a correctable problem.

The answer lies in the schedule.

CDI Experts have teamed up with the construction schedule software company SmartPM to offer a; Project Slot, Project Review, Project Schedule Review Basic Report and a follow up all to touch base on what we’ve discovered. These benefits will allow you to try out SmartPM while also being able to receive advice and consultation on your project and truely understand the inner workings of the schedule in your project planning process.

The problem is with your schedule

Did you know that:

  • ​75% of commercial construction projects are still significantly delayed

  • With an average overrun of 10%

  • ​​Costing stakeholders well over $1 trillion annually

So what is SmartPM?

SmartPM™ is a real-time automated project controls platform that translates construction scheduling data and analytics into objective, reliable, and concise visuals all stakeholders can understand and utilise proactively to address critical project risk issues. Schedule Intelligence™ technology allows for on-demand answers so better decisions can be made and the project can move forward.

Analyse your schedule in minutes

Reviewing schedules can be very tedious and time consuming typically taking hours, days, and even weeks at a time.

Complete portfolio dashboard

Track key schedule performance metrics related to progress, delays, compression, and estimated completion across all of your projects.

Project analytics portal

Access an intuitive portal that offers deep insights related to schedule quality, changes, critical path delay, and recovery. This also allows the ability to create scenarios and model outcomes.

Automated analysis

SmartPM increases the Analytical output of Project Controls and Scheduling professionals by up to 30X.

Auto generated reports

SmartPM generates custom reports that can be used to facilitate better schedule meetings and support for extension of time requests.

Meet the experts

CDI Experts are a multi-disciplinary construction consulting group specialising in contract, commercial, project controls, and dispute resolution solutions.

In this partnership CDI Experts will be overlooking each stage to improve your schedules facilitating communication to deliver better outcomes that have a positive impact to not only the project but your organisation as a whole.

Perfect Your Construction Schedule
Management Process

Need more convincing? See what SmartPM CEO Michael Pink has to say on the matter. SmartPM’s Schedule Intelligence™ Technology transforms construction schedule data into actionable insights and analytics that are understood at all levels, embedding a proven scheduling project controls process into your organisation.

Trusted by companies across the world

What’s included in this offering?

Project slot in SmartPM

Begin with uploading your Primavera and/or MS project files to us and you will be able to use and understand the inner workings of SmartPM’s software.

Project Review using SmartPM

We are also offering a full Project Review using SmartPM’s schedule intelligence technology so you can view and understand the full scope of your project.

Project Schedule Review Basic Report

At this point we take one step further giving you a Project Schedule Review Basic Report outlining everything you need to ensure a successful project outcome.

15 Minute Follow Up Call

Lastly, we will schedule a call with some of the professionals at CDI Experts and yourself to discuss our findings and outline any next steps.

“Thank you Michael and Team for creating and enhancing one of the most powerful tools in Construction. SmartPM is revolutionising project analytics. Thank you and keep up thje great development.”

Rodger Duab, Vice President, Benchmark Construction Company

“They provided Wood Partners with the missing link we have needed to effectively control out budgets and timelines for our commercial development projects. By importing project schedules into SmartPM, we can now manage out projects’ timelines offensively instead of defensively”

Will Chappell, VP of Construction, Wood Partners

“They saved us approximately $700k on our first project, minimising traditional project oversight fees, such as construction schedule consultant and legal fees coupled with the elimination of several delay claims by the contractor. We plan to use them on all of our new development projects”

Ryan Swingruber, VP of Development, Waterford Residential