Construction schedule analytics provides many more benefits than risk mitigation. At a high-level, schedule analytics software can analyse the data from firms’ construction schedules to determine which tasks may be done simultaneously and which tasks must be completed sequentially, identifying areas for improvement and in many cases enabling a delayed schedule to complete by its original deadline. In other words, schedule analytics can help project controls teams “recover” their schedule. Beyond schedule recovery, analytics also helps construction firms analyse the authoritative data from their own schedules so they can better manage human resources on their crew, equipment resources in the warehouse or at the local rental shop, and the materials available. It also allows project controls teams to make real-time changes, and run what-if scenarios enabling a range of unexpected events to be handled intelligently with regard to the entire project. Today we review the eight specific benefits construction firms can expect to receive after incorporating construction schedule analytics into their operations:

Reduce or eliminate
scheduling delays.

Scheduling delays are part and parcel of construction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce them as much as possible, or even eliminate them altogether. Instead of delaying progress, the software will analyse your schedule to determine its quality and then help you isolate or fix problem issues to get the schedule back on track.

Save time.

Because the analytics software finds time available where tasks can be carried out simultaneously, the overall approach will shave time off of the entire project, allowing for earlier completion provided that sufficient labor is available. Moreover, you can automate analysis and reporting to eliminate this manual task.

Save money.

Delays often result in crews standing around or materials being damaged
by weather. Consultants, disputes, claims and project licenses are expensive.
By keeping everything running smoothly and materials arriving in a timely manner, construction schedule analytics can reduce your cash outputs on
the project.

Reduce risk and
improve predicability.

Risk is a part of any project, but by using analytics to consider the various factors that can impact your schedule, such as weather, crew and materials availability, you can reduce the risk while improving the chance that you’ll achieve projected profitability.

Improving internal

When an issue arises, you can more effectively communicate what the problem is and what you need to do to correct it, making it easier to get
the management backing necessary for success.

Improving overall

When an issue arises, you can more effectively communicate what the problem is and what you need to do to correct it, making it easier to get
the management backing necessary for success.

Some final words.

There are many advantages to starting or continuing your business down the path of digital transformation towards operational maturity, but it does need to be handled intelligently. Many companies fail to live up to the expectations of their initial strategy because they don’t use the right tools or settle for tools that seem right without considering their strategy. By understanding where you’re taking your company in the long run, using a platform that provides easy integration and plenty of assistance when needed, you can successfully move your company through the process and enjoy the many benefits of digital transformation. We hope that this guide has helped you develop a better understanding of how construction schedule analytics function and the importance of using analytics during your company’s digital transformation to improve efficiency, profitability, productivity, schedule accuracy, and overall growth. If you’re ready to take the next step in your company’s digital transformation, the experienced professionals at SmartPM are ready to help you find your way. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more details on our services, or to learn more about how SmartPM can help boost your company to its next level.


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